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Jesse Dangerously - Humble and Brilliant

With his latest report, Humble & Brilliant, Jesse has authored a text that is at once a manual, a novel, a treatise, an open letter, a critique and a confession. He is the hip hop Schopenhauer-slash-Rabelais, and he’ll leave you breathless with dazzlement and shame. Jesse is tortured by his own brilliance, and appalled by the myriad transgressions of wack and mutinous MCs everywhere. Yet his sense of humour is very much intact, and there’s always a hint of a smile shading his litany of invective. - Buck 65

Track listing (and links to listen to individual songs)

1. file_id.diz
listen to it because: It samples Kimya Dawson
amazing line: Believe me, I don't need to be too conceited. I just believe in myself, like Jesus joined Jews for Jesus.

2. Professional Widowmaker
listen to it because: My ex-husband's name is played backwards in it.
amazing line: Your mouth falls open, all hopin’ forever wrecked. Kids get sick of you like Paul Hogan in retrospect.

3. Halifax Rap Legend
listen to it because: It shouts out to Hope Larson!
amazing line: I know you’re thinking, “What’s with the macho shit, Jesse D? You’re more like the opposite!” Yes indeed, but I uh thought it was... funny?

4. Tim I said no guests!
listen to it because: Tim and Jesse have such adorable chemistry.
amazing line: We deliver shows to the third dimension to make ‘em say, “EAU,” like thirsty Frenchmen.

5. Bring Your Girlfriend To Rap Day
listen to it because: I RAP ON IT AND DO A TAPDANCE SOLO!
amazing line: Jesse D and I are aces when our faces hurt from smiles, spending hours in the grocery store, rolling in the aisles. [THIS IS MY LINE! I WROTE MY OWN RAPS]

6. Holocaust Cloak
listen to it because: kira_lynn does shouts on it! So does liliyuki ! And me!
amazing line: I must have been sick the day they asked everyone to answer the question of whether to mess with the Status of Women Canada. If that isn’t bad management of the mandate the land handed ‘em, dammit, son, then I’m not Jesse D: the most handsome man on planet Earth (and I am, for sure).

7. How Shall I Send Thee?
listen to it because: The drums will blow your mind
amazing line: You digital, hexadecimal, intellectually less-than-vegetable...Since when is this respectable? It used to be detestable and wack to lack keenness. I grew up idolizing Black geniuses!

8. Write Protected
listen to it because: It's a fascinating exploration of Jesse's difficulty forming memories
amazing line: My video cam is gonna shoot you, so you can live forever in the future. I practise permanent taxidermy and that way, I know I’ll never lose you

9. Mudane Arcana & Eldritch Lucidity
listen to it because: It finishes with a sample of the best moment in television history.
amazing line: Tuesday: Blues at bay from the radio morning show mediocre media rodeo, here we go!

10. Make Hymn Cry
listen to it because: The lyrics are from a Ralph Ellison short story
amazing line: Yes, I'll kill it. I'll make it cry. Even if it's God, I'll make God cry. I'll kill him. I'll kill God, and not be sorry.

11. Triptych I: Hot Commodity
listen to it because: Jesse is a rapping Andrea Dworkin apologist
amazing line: I admire strangers as objects in proxy sex but is it dangerous? The answer's not yet obvious, but how could it not be yes? So is it like cars where we shrug and accept the casualties? Why is it men can fuckin' dismiss the threat so casually?

12. Triptych II: Hot Property
listen to it because: It will break your fucking heart
amazing line: The responsibility becomes an afterthought when one remembers the reasons they should've stopped; there's no pretending that you forgot.

13. Triptych III: Cold Comfort
listen to it because: It's an examination of intoxication from someone who doesn't drink
amazing line: The drama was a waste? I think not. I promised her a place to drink scotch and monitor the plot of the modern Madonna's honour guard. They thought of her as common, but hot as a sauna – not a problem.


That's the whole thing!! Please check in out, even if only the songs that sound the most compelling to you. 

If you want to buy it (support!), you have two great options here:

1. $7 as just a download
2. $10 to also get a chapbook with lyrics, liner notes, and a forward by Buck 65

This album is a really big deal.

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